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Ultra-slim double side USB receptacle:
Receptacle thichness: plug slot thickness 2.6mm.
(Stanrard USB receptacle thickness:5.8-6.5mm, plug slot: 5-5.5mm):
1. Compatible with current ultra-slim USB plug.
2. Enable Tablet PC to read USB peripherals directly,solving the problem that Tablet PC can't reader USB peripherals directly.
3. Make possible designing of lighter and slimmer products,fit the developing trends of product look designing.
4. No differentiation on USB face, allows for reading of 2 USB signals simutaneously, outperforming Apple lightning connector which only read 1 USB signal.
5. Reduce number of USB connectors of products.
6. Make for connection uniformity between Tablet PC, Laptop and desktop.

Ultra-slim double side USB plug:
Plug thickness: 2.4mm Standard USB plug thickness: 4.5mm
1. Compatible with current standard USB receptacle.
2. Any of 2 USB products could be integrated into 1 product, promoting mergers of multiple industries. Huge market potential.
3. Convenient, and save social resources.

Ultra-slim double side USB plug allows for integration of any 2 USB products,i.e. USB dongle integrated with a USB disk or card reader.
Huge market potential.

The following is an integration of a USB flash drive and card reader,it makes possible the merger of USB disk and card reader industry.


Technology Background
With the presence on market for over a decade,standard USB plug & receptacle have come to fall short of development requirements of product designing due to the bulky thickness.

As a result,current tablet PC cannot read USB peripherals like USB flash drive and card reader as no USB connectors can be adopted on the slim tablet.

Below are design drawings of ultra-slim double side USB plug&receptable solution that can address the problem.



Double side USB 2.0 plug & receptacle solution
Double side USB 3.0 plug & receptacle solution

Double side USB2.0/3.0 plug solution

Ultra-slim single side USB 2.0/3.0 plug & receptacle solution

Patents in China mainland, Hong Kong, US/Japan/Korea/Europe.